Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our Visitor

A visitor showed up at our house today. He came a very long way to see us.

Dun, dun, dun... Meet Jaws...

Jaws's arrival was a surprise to us. His home is in Cherokee, Iowa and he is part of a 5th grade social studies project. Jaws has been travelling around the United States, and on April 15th he will return to his owner in Cherokee. Before coming to us Jaws has stopped in Ballston Spa, NY where we noticed he told us about meeting our good friends the Nelsons. After New York, he stopped in New Mexico. He went to many exciting places in New Mexico including White Sands National Monument, a missile range, and the Gila Cliff dwellings. His next stop makes me jealous... Jaws got to go to Hershey, PA. He got to spend Easter there! I bet he saw some really big Chocolate Bunnies this Easter.

During his afternoon here, Jaws got to see the Tehachapi wind turbines, the Tehachapi Loop and downtown Tehachapi.

Jaws won't be staying with us for too long. He is anxious to move on. He got very excited when we told him that tomorrow he will start his travel to Florida where it is warm and sunny, even though he wasn't thrilled about the prospects of another long journey crammed in his tiny cardboard box.

We have had a very nice visit with Jaws, and have enjoyed learning about his travels. We're glad he stopped by!


Anonymous said...

Undoubtedly it was Jaws' endearing smile that won your hearts -- or was it his cuddly personality???? Was Gatsby or the kitty the least bit jealous?
Thanks for sharing....

diane said...

I did not know if you received this or not. My best friend in school sent it our way. This social studies class has been doing this for years. I think the longer Jaws is out the higher the grade not sure but I do know a report on one place it has been will need to be done. I did send your link to my friend so she can see JAWS just in case they were missing him. Have a great day and give hugs to my little sweeet children...Diane