Sunday, April 27, 2008


The beauty-ful spring weekend that we have had has kept me outside and away from the computer. A long Saturday of yard work and enjoying the sunshine found me sitting in church this morning with a sunburn. I'm not sure what it is that makes me do this to myself every year. It is almost like each new year I think that I will have some kind of miracle tan left from the past summer to protect me.

10 things I love about spring this year:
1. A new front lawn growing and showing improvement each day
2. Living on a street that is quiet enough for my kids to ride their bikes
3. The smell of lilacs in our back yard
4. Getting ready to have a garden
5. Barbecuing
6. Birds in the trees
7. Planning summer camp-outs
8. Sitting on the front porch and watching the new grass grow
9. Times when the wind isn't so bad
10. New miniature roses in my flower bed

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David & Eliza said...

Stop making me jealous with all your talk of spring, gardens and b-b-qing!!! We're still having winter in Minnesota and one day we will wake up and it'll be summer, but there really isn't spring. By the way, pretty lilacs : )