Monday, April 14, 2008


So our cat, Heidi, and I have an "understanding."

Last summer Ben and Sarah went to stay with their Papa (my dad) for a few days. While they were there I got a call from my dad. "Hey, the kids found a cat. They want to bring it home." I answered with, "well I..." and was cut off to hear him announcing to them, "Hey kids! Mom says it's ok to take the cat home!"

I'm not a big fan of cats. I was severely allergic to them when I was younger, that seems to have subsided a bit, but they still are just a little creepy to me.

Anyway, Heidi came to live with us. Big Ben is a cat person and took over with caring for her. Little Ben named her Heidi because she likes to hide.

Heidi and I have an understanding. She leaves me alone for the most part and I leave her alone for the most part. She doesn't try to cuddle up with me on the couch or in bed, but she does give all of her affection to Big Ben. I enjoy watching her from a distance, she is entertaining, but I do not desire any up close contact with her. She is good enough to respect that and so she can stay.

Last night, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and this is what I found: