Monday, April 7, 2008


Some of you may recall the lizard I used to have. Well before there was a Little Ben, or a thought of a Little Ben, there was Pete. Pete is a bearded dragon. Boy, the things Pete saw while living with us... We love Pete. When Ben and I moved into the house we are in now, there just wasn't room for Pete, so he went to live with the kid's dad. That way they could still see him and love him. This last Christmas, "Pete went to visit his family for the holidays." That's the news the kids brought home for me. This was sad news. Pete had become very well loved.

Yesterday, when the kids came back from their dad's, they told me some exciting news. "Pete's in a MOVIE!" That's right... a true Hollywood major blockbuster.
Thank you to the website for providing this photo.

There you have it... Pete left home to go be a major motion picture star. That's him in the picture resting on the girl.

Ben and Sarah saw the movie this weekend and are very proud of Pete's acting debut. They say he did a fabulous job and they are wondering what his next appearance will be. It is very exciting to have a member of the family become a movie star!

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Anonymous said...

I love it, and I am sooooo happy for the kids and Pete. By the way, would anyone in your family be interested in some oceanfront property in Arizona? Just checking.....
I LOVE YOU ALL (but Pete did give me the creeps.)
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