Friday, April 18, 2008

Two Peas

Ben and Sarah were almost the same in size when they were born, there was only 1 oz difference between the two of them.

When Sarah chipped her front tooth last Fall, Ben said that it was because she wanted an Ugly Tooth so they could be the same and he thanked her.

Last May Ben was diagnosed with Asthma. He was gasping and wheezing and it was pretty scary. For the last four days Sarah has had a runny nose and her breathing has been a little "rattly." I've chalked it up to allergies and not worried too much about it. Then today, her preschool called me and said that they really thought I should take her to the Dr. They believed that her symptoms were those of Asthma. Fine... I didn't really think so, it was nothing scary like Ben's symptoms had been. But whatever, I'd take her just to get some allergy relief for her.

Rather than agree with me, the Dr. instead proved that mothers don't know as much as doctors. Sarah has been having an asthma attack for a week now, and I've been ignroring it. The Dr. did at least reassure me that it is in fact much more mild than Ben's. And now Sarah is on all of the exact same treatments as Ben.

I can already imagine what Ben's response to the news will be: "Sarah, now we are just the same! Thank you for being like me!" After all he has spent the last year trying to convince me that Sarah needs to use his medicine every time she has coughed.

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