Friday, April 4, 2008


We have a dog. Our dog is a pain. Our dog drives us crazy, but we still have our dog!

Really, our dog Gatsby is amazing with the kids. Sarah absolutely adores him. Gatsby sleeps on a small dog bed right under my side of the bed, but every morning when I get up he runs and jumps in bed with Little Ben. Gatsby has some pretty bad habits, mainly that he isn't completely, 100% potty trained. That's right, he's a pee'er just like the kids! Gatsby's accidents happen much fewer and farther between these days, but they do still happen occasionally. He also barks at Big Ben, he feels some unfounded need to protect me. And there's the fact that his eyes get crusty and his hair grows into his mouth. I know those things aren't his fault, but they are still disturbing.

Part of the new chore regimen happening in our home is that it is Sarah's job to feed Gatsby. She loves him the most, she should have a part in taking care of him, right? The first day Sarah was supposed to feed him, I showed her where the food was and instructed her on how much to give him, everything went fine. The next day when I remembered Gatsby needed to be fed, we were just finishing dinner and I said, "Sarah, you still need to feed Gatsby." (Note to self: be more specific when talking to a three year old!) I looked over just in time to see a big piece of tortilla from the burrito Sarah was eating fly out of her hands in Gatsby's direction. Faster than I could stop giggling, Gatsby had snatched it up.

Gatsby has a delicate digestive system. This bit of tortilla was enough to give him tummy problems for a couple of days. Tummy troubles require many trips outside for him. Last night I went to bed early and Gatsby started pacing (his signal of needing to go outside). My wonderful husband took him out each time, 4 times in all. This morning I learned of his antics last night. On his final trip out, Gatsby sauntered away from Ben and went over to our neighbors, the very ones with no curtains (this was about 2:30 am). It took Ben a long time to finally coax him home, without going to the neighbor's himself. Going and getting Gatsby was just completely out of the question... you never know what you might see!

I'm thinking about rearranging chores. Maybe I should go back to feeding him and I can make Sarah take him out in the middle of the night. I'm KIDDING... ok, I'm a little bit not kidding, but I'll wait a few years!


The Newell Clan said...

So do you also have a cat, the one in the picture? I say cats are waaayyy easier than a dog, it just might be time for Gatsby to find a cute old couple on Craigs list (ok I'm not mean but we had to craigs list our beloved cat Garfield, I'm still traumitized by it)and let the kids help with the cat. Garrett did a great job feeding the cat. Not the litter box, but that was mostly my doing!

Ben and Tina said...

Oh yes, we have a cat too. Heidi is a whole other story... I'll have to blog about that one :)

Ben and Tina said...

Oh yes, we have a cat too. Heidi is a whole other story... I'll have to blog about that one :)