Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I hate wind.
I don't like that it blows our BBQ cover down the street, or that it howls around the house. I don't like that the kids can't play outside and that it irritates my sinuses to the point that I think my head might explode. I Really don't like that no matter how good or bad of a day my hair might start out having, it all looks the same by the time I walk through the wind to get to work.

The wind is a major pain. An ugly part of living in this town we love. It makes me really mad that the wind swept in and robbed us of the spring that was starting to take shape.

But then, I must stop and acknowledge the fact that this dreaded wind is our livelihood and without it there would be no food on the table.

And without wind, Ben and I would never have been able to experience this:

Alright, so I guess the wind stays, but I'm gonna continue to hope that it stops blowing quite so hard!

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ryan&amanda said...

You guys are so cute, I am so happy for you.