Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sometimes I get embarrassed for people on TV. I watch them blunder and I turn red and just want to crawl under my coffee table.

Last night, we were watching American Idol. I think it is only the second episode I've seen this season. The show was incredibly rushed, apparently it was necessary to cram in unprecedented amounts of singing and there was no time for judges comments after the first round of songs. Almost as an afterthought, they asked the judges to give very quick comments to the contestants half way through the show. Oh, Paula Abdul made me crawl under that coffee table.

Paula was obviously nervous and confused. Possibly on a mix of muscle relaxants and gin. She addressed the first contestant and said something very unmemorable about his performance and then immediately began critiquing his second performance. A performance that hadn't been done yet. Is it possible that Paula is clairvoyant? Is it possible that someone else is writing their comments ahead of time? Whatever the case, I hope FOX learns that Paula must have notice before anything is sprung on her.

Yes, Paula tried to cover her tracks and come up with some lame excuse. Was it believable? No way! Was I embarrassed for her? Definitely! Do I sometimes think that the people on TV are my friends? Ummm, maybe!

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