Monday, April 21, 2008

Switched at birth

When Ben was born I was under general anesthesia and didn't wake up for the first hour of his life. It was several days later when we were leaving the hospital that it occurred to me that I should ask family members if they had been with him the entire time I was asleep. Yes, they reassured me. Every moment was accounted for and there was no way he was switched in the hospital.

Of course there have been many moments in Ben's life when I have thought, "yep, that's MY kid." However, there have also been events like today that make me wonder who's child he is, because I can in no way understand the things he does.

Ben's school has an annual talent show. Being our Kindergarten year, we were not previously aware of this, except for a moment at Back to School night when his teacher mentioned that a Kindergartner has never been selected to be in the show. Then two weeks ago, he brought a note/permission slip home about the event. The paper listed the details of auditions and dress rehearsals. Ben immediately informed me that he planned to play the drums for the talent show. That sounded like quite an undertaking, but I spoke to his dad, who said that if that is what Ben wanted to do he would find a way to get the drums to the school and figure out an act for Ben. Great! I could rest easy, this would be his Dad's responsibility and I was happy to let him have it.

Apparently time got away from them and an act wasn't created, no plans were made to set up the drums and try-outs were today. At 8:30 this morning Ben called me from the school to remind me that the auditions were today and he needed his drums. I explained to him that I didn't know if it would be possible and if his Daddy couldn't get there he should just stay in After-School Daycare and not worry about the auditions. Of course his Dad confirmed that he would not be able to make it and that he would explain to Ben that they would start working on it earlier for next year.

Ben had other ideas though. Ben went to the Audition. He stood up on the stage and sang his little Kindergarten heart out. He sang a song that he made up. And he felt good about it. Obviously, Ben likely won't move on beyond the Audition stage, but that doesn't matter to Ben! When I asked him if it was scary to sing in front of everyone, he told me "No it wasn't. That's just what Rock Stars do!" He also explained to me that even though he hadn't been able to practice he had the whole thing planned out in his head and when his drums weren't there, he just sang anyway.

I told him right then and there that I am sure he is the coolest kid ever! But it did make me wonder if he REALLY is my kid. I don't have any idea where that confidence comes from. I would prefer to blend in to a wall and then there is my son who just wants to entertain the world to make people happy.

Yeah, he makes me pretty proud!


Anonymous said...

Oh, My Gosh! Oh, My Gosh! Oh, My Gosh!
Just when you finally think life can't get any better -- along come GRANDKIDS!!
They are truly the GREATEST GIFT on this Earth!
Hugs and kisses just don't seem big enough.
Please tell Ben that Bubbe's heart is FULL of smiles and more LOVE than she can hold....
What a "STAR"!!!!

The Newell Clan said...

I can just see him now! What a little star, you should get him into singing lessons...maybe he has hidden talent. I've had similar questions regarding Garrett really being my son, but more along the lines of asking him if he wants a new mommy (ya know, when he's being sooooo disagreeable and unhappy with the world) Have even threatened sending him to boarding school...sigh, moments of mommy weakness..

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