Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stick it up my nose

Up your nose with a rubber hose!

Remember that from the elementary school playground?

My kids don't know that one yet... and boy am I glad. However, their lack of knowledge about that saying didn't stop them from laughing riotously for 20 minutes yesterday over the mere saying "stick it up my nose." That's what Sarah kept repeating and laughing so hard that stuff was sticking out of her nose.... ooohhh, gross. Sorry for that visual!

Oh, yeah, I was a good mother and reminded them that they better not be sticking anything up their noses.

Sometimes I am envious of the two of them and their ability to entertain each other. They remind me of the delight that can be found in the small things. They have had such a close bond since the day Sarah was born. They are best friends! And I am so glad that they have had each other. It is fun watching them, since the joys and rivalries of having a sibling close in age is a foreign concept to me.

And speaking of sayings, I'm glad that they have forgotten about "What's up chicken butt." Thanks again for that one Diane and Samantha!

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