Thursday, June 18, 2009

At the car wash...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 kids and a camera

A little glimpse at what you get when you turn three kids loose in the park with a camera...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Play-Doh, Cookie Dough

We used this recipe to make cookie dough that has the consistency of play-doh. It was a super fun activity for the kids. When they were done shaping their dough the cookies were baked and then they ate them for their snack. They were also SUPER Delicious!

Ssshhhh, he's sleeeping!

Due to my unemployment, I am staying home ALL day, EVERY day with the 4 kids this summer. In an attempt to protect my very fragile sanity, I have implemented "quiet time," ahour and a half every day, when I don't care what they are doing as long as they are in their beds and quiet.

Each day, during quiet time, one kid is allowed to hang out in the tree house. They take turns.

On Ben's day, he fell sound asleep!
He said it was the best sleep ever with the light breeze and the sounds of birds chirping.

However, this very protective brother was concerned that Sarah better not fall asleep on her day, because SHE might roll out of the tree.

Move it, or lose it!

Last weekend we took all of our kids as well as Meredith's kids up to Tehachapi Mt. Park to go for a hike.

Somehow, we even convinced them to race up hill.

It was fun to "explore."

And the kids only complained a little bit...

Backyard fun

We had a little party last weekend to celebrate Broc and Maris's arrival, as well as the fact that we now have a backyard.

It was a "Backyard Warming" party!

We broke in the new fire pit by roasting marshmallows... we might have roasted a little Ben too!

My Best Friend Meredith and her boys came up for the festivities.
And Greg, our neighbor also joined us... they're pretty cute, huh?I LOVE Marshmallows!
Greg gave us the torches for our yard. They are fantastic.
This is just the start to a great summer of backyard fun!


Big Ben is nuts. How could I not love him? He was building our new backyard fire pit (my Christmas present) when he suddenly put it on his head and did this.


A couple of weeks ago, this man right here
My handsome husband took me on a little weekend excursion.
We went to Lone Pine and stayed at the Dow Villa "historical" hotel.
We explored and hiked.

We enjoyed the beauty of Whitney Portals... the eastern entrance to Mt. Whitney.

Another hiker convinced us to take a trail that we later discovered was classified as "strenuous."

I love this guy!

Just when we were loving the blue skies and the views... the clouds started to roll in...
And the rain started...

We got soaked.
And had to take shelter under a rock.
We spotted this tiny little orphaned baby on the way back. I had fears of it's crazed mama coming jumping out of no where to defend her baby... but that didn't happen.
It was a fantastic weekend!