Friday, April 11, 2008


I force my children to eat vegetables. Asparagus and Artichokes were this week's fare. I try to give them a wide variety of vegetables hoping that they will have diverse tastes. They've started to get really good about it. They don't enjoy it by any means, but I think they view it as a challenge. The veggies are the first thing on their plate that they tackle. While eating them they make every effort not to complain and they eat them as quickly as possible. However, they do make the funniest faces while they are tentatively eating the vegetables. It is the look of disgust and bewilderment, but they must try as hard as they can to hide it or Mom will be mad at them for being rude at the dinner table. And then when they are done they make a loud announcement that they have finished, looking for all the praise that they know will come.

Last night, we had an "every-man for himself" dinner night. Which translates to "Mom's not cooking, so find what you can." I chose to have a large spinach salad for my dinner. In the middle of eating, I needed to get something from the refrigerator and stepped away. I actually looked back to find my two children sneaking spinach from my plate and eating it.

Hooray for a Mom success!!!

Ben was curious about the health benefits of eating spinach over the normal iceberg that he normally prefers, yes he is really only 6.

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Diane said...

You need to tell those 2 that Diane is very proud of them for trying veggies!!! Don't forget broccoli is not the favorite of one of the 4!!