Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dr. Pepper (AKA, The Good Stuff)

Ohhh, Dr. Pepper! How do I love thee...?

This morning was a rough morning. As I rushed to Circle K to get myself a Dr. Pepper (straight-up, none of that diet crap this morning). I thought about the wonderful characteristics of the sweet drink.
-Dr. Pepper would never throw a stuffed animal at me.
-Dr. Pepper would never wake Big Ben up early in the morning by crying.
-Dr. Pepper would never complain that I still haven't gone to the store to buy yogurt.
-Dr. Pepper would never refuse to get in the car in the morning.
-Dr. Pepper would never hang on my leg crying when I try to drop it off for school.
-Dr. Pepper would never refuse to get out of the bed in the morning.

Oh, but the things Dr. Pepper will do:
-Dr. Pepper will always be there willing to charge into my body to give me the pep I so need.
-Dr. Pepper will always make me feel better.
-Dr. Pepper will always help me to forget the woes of children.

For a while Dr. Pepper and I have not been such good friends. I have been neglecting him a bit, because he will also always help me to gain pounds. But this morning, I needed my friend. And he was there...


Anonymous said...

I too have a not-so-secret love affair with a very special friend called COFFEE. COFFEE opens my eyes every morning and fills me with the energy to face whatever comes my way. In fact, there are some days, I freely admit, that if it were not for COFFEE -- I would have no personality at all!
Let's hear it for ADDICTIONS!!! (After all, God surely didn't intend for us to be strong, capable, confident and independent women all on our own -- did SHE?????!!!)
More "wisdom" from,

Ben and Tina said...

Ooohh! Almost didn't approve that one... That's my mom gotta push the envelope, huh?