Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Close your blinds, please!

We have neighbors who refuse to cover their windows. I am very disturbed by this. To add insult to injury, they are very large people. Honest, I'm not judging them for their size. I'm judging them for their brazen disregard of society standards of privacy. It isn't my fault that I can't help but stare in their window every time I pull in or out of our driveway. To make matters worse, they have nothing on their walls, not a picture or a painted wall. When their lights are on, all I can see is a giant picture window with a giant man sitting in his recliner.

The other two neighbors who have semi-direct views of this house, have moved and abandoned their homes without even selling them. It as if they were fleeing! I think I'm beginning to understand the reason.

Monday, when I got home from work, I discovered UPS had accidentally delivered a box to our house that was meant for our non-privacy seeking neighbors. Wanting to be a good neighbor I had to take the box over to them. It was a strange feeling to come face to face with the people who have hidden nothing of their personal lives from the neighborhood. This is the first time that I have technically had any interaction with these neighbors, even though I have felt that I have to much contact with their private life. When I got up close I discovered that they live in the most minimalistic, bare house I have ever seen. Even opting for tiled floors instead of carpet.

Their house has been up for sale since we moved into the neighborhood a year ago. I think maybe they need to watch that show on TLC about getting your house all prettied up to sell. Right now the curb appeal of a large man in a recliner... is not going to sell the house!

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Anonymous said...

Just think of it as a real life BLOG.
And I quote from your very OWN first blog on this site:

"I have spent many hours lurking on the blogs of other people. Read details about people's lives, most of these people complete strangers to me. This plays on my fascination about other people's lives. I believe blogs were made for people like me, I'm a person who loves having a window into other's lives. Blogs provide me with a different version of glancing into lit windows at twilight as I drive by on my way home from work, something I've always secretly enjoyed. I've always been curious about strangers' lives, curious if they are mostly similar to me or if they are quite different."

So you should be absolutely delighted by these neighbors. They save you the time and effort of reading THEIR blog.

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