Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Story of Us- Part I

About a month ago, I posted about my Superman. People ask all the time about how we met, so I thought it might be fun to reminisce a little.

I had been married to my first husband for almost 5 years, when the relationship ended rather roughly. I had been committed to the marriage through thick and thin and was devastated by the ending of it. However, the end had been quite drawn out and when it was finally over I was ready to LIVE again. I picked myself up and began to spread my wings. I realized that I was destined for a much happier life. I worked up the courage to file for divorce and started living a brief existence in the single world. I dated a couple of people and just had fun. During this time I was hit on by a complete stranger in a bar, something that was both exciting and frightening to me. I stayed out late at night and met a lot of people. After about 3 months of this, I felt that I just wanted to go back to a quieter life. I was ready to be spending more time with my kids. I threw myself into my work and I was incredibly happy. I was standing on my own two feet and I wasn't looking for anything more.

Then one day, I was talking with someone at work. He hadn't worked in the office long and he was telling me about his wife and kids. Out of the blue I asked him if he was the same faith that I am. He was shocked and told me he was. Over the next few days he stopped by my desk a few more times to talk. Then he told me that he had a friend that he used to work with that was newly divorced and was just starting to date. He told me that he thought we should meet. But he warned that the meeting might be a little strange since his friend was over a foot taller than I am. The height difference didn't seem like such a big deal. This sounded like an interesting prospect... I told him that he would need to call his wife first and get a woman's opinion for me. I wanted to make sure that his wife thought this was someone that I should be set up with. His wife reassured that this friend was an eligible prospect and I should allow it to happen.

That night I got my first email from Ben! I couldn't believe how fast that happened. He had just gotten off the phone with my coworker and emailed me right away. Over the next few days we emailed 2-4 times per day. I anxiously awaited his emails. I would read them and reread them and then respond as quickly as possible.

Immediately, even in writing there was something different about this man. We seemed to have so much in common. He was devoted to his children, even though they lived in a different state. He wrote like someone with a good heart, his writing was kind and gentle. He wrote things that reflected an attitude of integrity and honesty. But I was scared, scared that he was too good to be true. I guess even scared that he would be just as good as he seemed, but wouldn't be equally impressed with me. We began to talk very candidly through emails, revealing personal values, beliefs, goals and dreams. Emailing was safe and I avoided our first phone conversation for a while.

Then after about a week of emails my phone rang one night...

This story is going to be posted in segments over the next few days, so keep checking back!

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Anonymous said...

......and sometime after that her mother breathed a heavy sigh of relief and gratitude. A good and handsome Superman had come into ALL their lives!!!

Diane said...

Are sure you are not talking about my husband??!! And to answer your question about selling the house to move back to much money invested now!