Monday, May 12, 2008

Let it Snow

For Sarah's small birthday party yesterday, she requested a snow party. It seemed like a very random request coming from a 4 year old. However, I must say, this was the best theme ever for a kids party. Ben and Sarah participated in creating party decorations. In the end the grand total cost for decorations was $4. And Sarah was just as excited about the final results as any little girl could possibly be.

We were able to use Christmas paper to wrap her presents. And had a bouquet of snowball flowers, cut from a friends yard.

Her cake was white and sat on a tray with a coconut snowflake that was lovingly created by Big Ben.

I would be thrilled if she requested this theme again. It was simple and fun for the whole family.

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In His Grip, Mama j said...

Cut and creative theme! Nice work. Thanks for sharing