Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We are currently under a "National Weather Service Wind Advisory." I know I've mentioned before that I am definitely NOT a fan of the wind. However, I realized this morning that it is one of those things that people who live here are allowed to complain about, but it just doesn't set well coming from visitors or tourists. This morning I stopped at the mini mart for my morning Dr. Pepper and there were several people there that were just stopping for gas as they were travelling through on the freeway. There was a lady wearing shorts and a tank top who just wouldn't stop grousing about the wind. "Oh, this is just ridiculous! I don't know how anyone could ever live with this. This place is just terrible." And I found myself biting my tongue; I just wanted to tell her "if you don't like it then get out of our town!" The wind is not fun, I really don't enjoy it. But it pays our bills!

So to you lady who travelled without first checking the weather forecast, I say, "If it isn't your windy town, then keep your complaints to yourself!"

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