Friday, May 30, 2008

And then there were curtains

I arrived home today to find a surprise. Our neighbors got curtains! There was a great amount of jumping for joy and tremendous happiness in my heart. No longer would I have to expose my eyes to the terror they had been experiencing. I could hardly wait to tell Ben about it.

Tonight after dark we left home to run some errands. I was so excited to drive down our street without witnessing the bad accident that I have not been able to look away from for the last year. As we pulled out of our house, my joy turned to complete horror! How in the world could it possibly be true? The exhibitionist neighbors have managed to pick curtains that are completely transparent at night. There sitting on the other side of the curtain, that should be protecting me, was a giant man in a recliner.

I do believe that the problem will now be compounded. Not only will we be able to see in their giant picture window, but they will be under the false belief that they are protected by their curtains!

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