Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I've been meaning to sit down to the computer all day, but haven't quite made it. My day was filled with church, celebrating Sarah's birthday and my dad's gift to me was enough fresh strawberries to can 6 quarts of preserves and 5 quarts of jam. A task that needed to be completed today.

However, I didn't want the day to pass without a word about Mother's Day. My mom is out of the country and I wasn't able to wish her a Happy Mother's Day. I know it is likely to be a few more days before she is back in the states and able to read this, but when she does I want her to know that I was thinking about her today. I am incredibly grateful for my mom, for the strength she has given me and I am grateful that she taught me to be a mom myself. More and more often I hear my mom's words coming out of my mouth as I speak to my kids. It is a right of passage that makes me smile when it happens.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!

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