Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day late and dollar short

I hate it when I have a positively fabulous idea, but I just don't quite have the idea soon enough!

Recently, I've been looking for locations around town that would be artistically pleasing backdrops to use for pictures of the kids. Location is very important when you have no artistic talent. I've spotted some wonderful prospects. However, they aren't all super practical. Some involve tossing children over fences, some involve making children trespass on private property or trek long distances. Then there was one location that I honed in on. I've been driving by it every day. It is right off the road. Oh, my goodness... perfect.

This is an old Apple Shed located here in town

Wouldn't pictures in front of that be shabby chic cute? I was loving the idea! I just had to wait to get all four kids here and I would force them to humor me while I posed them randomly, resembling a 1960's music album cover picture (maybe not really, but that's what 1960's album covers look like in my head).

Then Saturday, there was a huge plume of smoke over town because of this:

Please... a moment of silence for lost plans...

And today, there is just an empty, burned piece of land and a sign saying that the land is up for sale for residential use. According to the newspaper this was a planned burn and the fire department was allowed to run training drills while executing it. I am sad that this landmark was burned in favor of what will probably be cookie cutter residential housing. Mostly though, I'm sad I didn't get the picture that I had been dreaming of!

This just isn't quite the same, is it? Maybe if I squint real hard, I can pretend those little stick figures are my children's precious faces.

Oh, look! Superman made my dream picture a reality!

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Briana said...

I cannot stop laughing at this. Yes, you are right it is sad but the way you wrote it is hysterical. Love the stick figures and the moment of silence. I have decided you are in the wrong business...you should be a writer. I love your humor and your creativity on all you blogs especially Sarah's birthday. I hope Colten wants a snow flake birthday party.