Monday, March 24, 2008

Pictures of scetti

Broc and Maris left today. Ben took them to the airport. It has been an emotional day for everyone. Poor Big Ben! The only comforting thing is that we expect them back in a couple months at the beginning of June. Little Ben and Sarah will start their count down now.

After our weekend of excitement, Ben and Sarah require a quiet evening. Their mom probably does too. So I picked them up from daycare and told them that we would come home, put on our jammies, eat leftover Spaghetti for dinner and watch a movie before bed. That sounded like a good idea to them until Sarah decided that she doesn't want "scetti" for dinner. Before I even knew what had happened a war had erupted in the car. Ben was persistently trying to correct Sarah's pronunciation. "Sarah, it isn't 'scetti' it is buscetti!" To which Sarah, at first patiently corrected him that she was in fact correct and it is scetti. The debate quickly became quite heated as both children stubbornly insisted that they were absolutely correct. My addition to the conversation of the correct word pronunciation, accomplished nothing. The only way to silence the feud was to fill both of their mouths with some of those red saucy noodles.

When I got home this evening, I found a wonderful surprise that was delivered for me. Because I have been taking so many pictures and have been "stealing" Ben's camera to do it, he decided that I should have a good camera of my own. My new camera is much more of a point and shoot than Ben's, and my favorite thing is that it is pink. A perfect pink, that even matches my cell phone. So, look for lots of new pictures from my very pretty new camera.

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