Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Post

Since I have become an avid lurker of other people's blogs, I decided the least I can do is contribute something to the blog society. I think I have long resisted because I have firmly believe dthat nothing in my life is nearly as interesting as the things that I read about on the blogs of other people. However, that being said... I've come to realize that any family with four children has its fair share of antics and excitement to share. I thought the perfect time to start a blog would be the spring season. We are anxiously awaiting a visit from Broc and Maris next week. Sarah asks me almost daily if today is the day we get to go pick them up from the airport. I think next time we will need to make her a countdown calendar.
I hope that our family and friends will check back often to find updates about our clan!

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5 yorkies mom said...

What a great idea, love the pics of the family. Will pass this on to the others to see, Briana(Gott) has a "My Space" now and has pics of her family and Erin has added more to her space. Love seeing things like this. We're getting together with Uncle Mike after Easter for spend some time at his ranch(?) Miss you and love ya, Aunt Maryann