Thursday, March 13, 2008


So the newest thing I've been trying is that the kids and I have been getting up extra early in the mornings. We get to work/daycare about an hour earlier than normal. The trade off for this is that I work through my lunch and I am able to pick them up two hours earlier in the afternoon. I'm determined that these two hours are completely just for them. We just started this new schedule this week. So far I absolutely LOVE it. We have gone to the park, made a cake and today we worked on Easter cards. They worked so hard on them. We sat together and colored the pieces that would make the cards. I am loving spending the time with the kids.

We also had an injury today. When I picked Ben up from school, his chin was all scraped up. Apparently, my very coordinated child tripped and his chin lost a fight with the cement on the playground.


The Newell Clan said...

Ouch Ben! Hey I'm so glad you started a blog, it's awesome and your kids are amazing! I can't believe the paths our lives have taken and how fast the kiddos grow...I don't want to miss a minute! Now we can keep up with each other...I didn't realize you also have 2 others...what cuties! Take care, Happy Easter (is it still one of your fav. holidays?) love and miss you, The Newells

The Newell Clan said...

Hey Tina! So glad you started blogging, it's amazing how many people you will blog into online! Your family is adorable, I didn't realize you have 2 more cute! Ben and sarah are growing like weeds. Doesn't the time go by too quickly? I'll add your link to my page, it's Have a great Easter ( is it still one of your fav. holidays?) Love and miss you,
The Newells