Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

This is the extremely exciting view that greeted me at our house very early this morning. The Easter spirit is just oozing out of this group, isn't it?Unfortunately, our Easter celebration dawned on one sick little Maris. She has been running a fever since yesterday morning. No other symptoms, but she just generally doesn't feel good. This put a bit of a cramp in the festivities. True to form, Sarah is indeed her mother's daughter. She was the only one of the four kids to get into the Easter spirit. She woke up this morning so excited and ready to get her Easter dress on, go to church and was the only one willing to feed my need for massive amounts of Easter pictures. I'm feeling reassured that I will be able to raise her up to love the holiday as much as I do. I did make Ben pose for some pictures too, but the best I got from him was a picture that looks as if he is picking his nose (he keeps insisting it was a scratch, not a pick).
Here is a sampling of the fun that Sarah gave me:

Then for kicks, since she was the only one who was playing my little Happy Easter game with me, I took her to McDonald's for some " 'nilla with Strawberries" ice cream.

Because my other girl was completely NOT up to posing for any pictures, I'm adding a picture of her Easter basket so she can be part of the festivities also.

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