Friday, March 14, 2008

My blog baby

I've been doing quite a bit of thinking about this little blog of mine and about the blogging world as a whole. As I said before, I have spent many hours lurking on the blogs of other people. Read details about people's lives, most of these people complete strangers to me. This plays on my fascination about other people's lives. I believe blogs were made for people like me, I'm a person who loves having a window into other's lives. Blogs provide me with a different version of glancing into lit windows at twilight as I drive by on my way home from work, something I've always secretly enjoyed. I've always been curious about strangers' lives, curious if they are mostly similar to me or if they are quite different. Then today, I realized that having a blog of my own is the same as cracking my own front window curtain. Then I have to wonder, if I'm cracking my curtain, what is it that can be seen through my window...

So what is it I want my blog to convey? I've read the blogs of other people that are witty and creative, I've read those that are written by people who believe they are a little more witty than they really are, those that are brilliantly talented, people that I want to learn from, and people that are inspiring me. I check in to some of these blogs almost daily, hoping for an update... has *** had her baby yet? I wonder what *** made for dinner last night? Maybe *** has posted advice for how to preserve green beans? And did *** post new pictures of the kids yet? In the end, I'm not quite sure how my blog will turn out. I think having a blog will be like having another baby. I can put my heart and soul into it, help it to develop a personality. Like a baby, my blog will grow and change over time.

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