Thursday, March 13, 2008

Easter is coming

I am so excited for Easter! It IS my favorite time of year. I've been spending hours planning my Easter menu, Easter cards and fabulous Easter crafts for the kids to do. I would be such a happy mom if I could make it as exciting for them as it is for me. This afternoon Ben and Sarah and I will be putting together our Easter cards and hopefully we will get them out in the mail tomorrow.

Taking Easter pictures this year was quite the experience. Two days ago the kids and I picked up some plastic eggs and bunny ear headbands before heading off to the park. By the time we got there the sun was getting a little low, making it difficult for them to keep their eyes wide open long enough for me to snap a picture and the wind was kicking up a little. Their bunny ears kept blowing off their heads. Oh, the lenths my kids have to go to humor their mother! I will post the pictures on here shortly.

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