Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ice cream and a straw

I'm hooked on ice cream. It's a weakness. Given an opportunity, I will almost always trade a nutritious meal for one comprised solely of ice cream. In fact as a freshman in college, once the novelty of eating every meal in a cafeteria wore off, I almost completely survived on two meals a day of soft serve ice cream. Honest, my roommates will attest to it! So, as I was headed to LAX yesterday at about lunchtime, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to hit a drive thru for some ice cream. I carefully weighed my frosty options and decided that a twister from Foster's Freeze would satisfy the need. I pulled off the freeway and waited in the drive thru. Through the scratchy speaker I clearly placed my order, "one small reese's twister, please!" The voice that confirmed the order to me said, "ok, so that's one small tortilla soup?" No, I repeated my order again and she seemed to have gotten it correct. Then I waited in line to get my ice cream. I was three cars back and they were s-l-o-w. When it was finally my turn at the window, I paid and watched through the window as the two ladies stood there talking and giggling before getting me my ice cream. At this point I was hungry and starting to get cranky having missed breakfast (please don't judge me for my very unhealthy decisions). Finally, they got back to work and brought my ice cream order. The girl handed me my small cup of ice cream with the ginormous chunks of candy in it, a big stack of napkins and a straw. I pulled forward and my spot at the window was replaced by the next car in line; it was then that I realized this must be some kind of joke on the chubby girl, a simple scheme for the amusement of fast food workers. They gave me this chunky ice cream with only a straw and a stack of napkins- to be eaten in the car. I momentarily pictured them laughing at the idea of me trying to eat this with a straw as I drove, at least they were kind enough to give me plenty of napkins to clean up the mess I was sure to make in the process. As I pulled around and parked my car to walk myself in for a spoon, I wondered if this was their way of making sure that I got some kind of exercise before consuming the massive amount of empty calories that I was insisting I NEEDED! Obviously, my ego is too great to entertain the notion that this was completely an accidental oversight.

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