Monday, February 2, 2009

15,439 Steps

I've been wearing the pedometer my mom got me for Christmas! This weekend, I used 15,439 steps to make my way all over Knott's Berry Farm.

The last time I went to Knott's Berry Farm was for my 6th birthday. It has changed a lot and I really didn't remember much of what it used to be. Big Ben has been wanting to take me for a long time and we finally made the trip happen.

The highlight of our trip was the "interesting" people we saw while there. Actually, our favorites were both encountered within the first half hour of our visit. While waiting in line we witnessed an older woman, who was visiting the park by herself. She took every opportunity to talk to the people around her. Five time we heard her telling people, "You are ALWAYS safe at Knott's Berry Farm!" Then she preceded to get upset with a family she heard joking about ditching their small child who was to little for a particular ride. Failing to see the humor, she interjected in their conversation, "Oh, no! Never, ever leave a child alone!". This exchange left me a little confused... why can't you leave a child alone at Knott's Berry Farm? I thought "you are ALWAYS safe at Knott's Berry Farm!" Hmmmm... I just hate it when crazy people don't make sense!

The next character in our day was a "special" guy who was there with his "special" girlfriend. They were the kind of couple that give proof to my grandmother's assertion that "There is a lid to fit EVERY pot." He was in line near us along with the "safe" lady and he too seemed to be a bit annoyed by her. But when she went on the ride and he was left standing with us, he started talking to Big Ben. It was then that Big Ben was rewarded with several high five's, fist bumps and Rock 'n Roll cheers from this special guy. It was evident that we were being approached to be their buddies for the day, as he stopped talking to us only to participate in some gratuitous PDA with his girl. The way the line worked out we rode that first ride with them, then spent the day attempting to avoid getting in line next to them again. The encounter was confirmation of the fact that Big Ben does indeed have a sign on his forehead that says, "I'm Nice to Weirdos!"

After that first line, I think we avoided eye contact with everyone. Not wanting to extend any invitations for conversation.

We had a great trip! It was definitely 15, 439 steps well used!

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