Monday, February 23, 2009

A Legacy

The recent tragedy that my family suffered has resulted in a buzz of communications among our family members. Phone calls, emails and blog comments are uniting all of us in our grief. We are connecting in a way that hasn't happened for years.

I think Danny's death has reminded us that we are all linked. We are all linked by blood and love. Together, we ARE a legacy. We are the legacy of Sam and Ione and we are strong.

Sarah, my mom and I will be flying to Kerrville, Texas tomorrow to join or family in remembering and celebrating Danny's life. We will all draw strength from each other and we will renew relationships.

Thank you Danny for giving us this beautiful gift!


David & Eliza said...

Tina, I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. I love the picture of the sun and the fact that you have someone to appreciate each day with you and you took the time to do it yesterday.

Lindsay said...

I am so sorry for your loss.My condolences for you and your family

Anonymous said...

Our condolences for the loss in your family Tina. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm grateful for you being in our life and touching us with your warm spirit. Have a safe trip and just know that we love you. David and Cleo

Yorkie Lover said...

I have never been prouder in my entire life to see the awesome woman you've become and to see you in action with your daughter. What a legacy you carry on with your own family and with your cousins. Never lose that's so fabulous to see the bonds in action. Love ya sweet lady.
Aunt Maryann