Saturday, February 14, 2009

Surgery Day!

Ben had surgery yesterday. He had to have out-patient surgery to repair a hernia that had developed in his 10 year old appendectomy scar. His surgery was scheduled for 10:30 am in Bakersfield. The news was reporting a HUGE storm headed our way and giving us a 90% chance of snow in the mountains by early afternoon.

We crossed our fingers and prayed we'd be able to get home after the surgery. However, at 12:30 the surgery center attempted to call his prescription in to our pharmacy, who wouldn't take the order because it was snowing so hard, they were headed home. We made the decision to have it called in to a pharmacy in Bakersfield. Even if we weren't able to make it home we would at least have his drugs. With Ben painfully waiting in the car, I begged the pharmacist to please rush the order. As I left the pharmacy I called road information and was relieved to hear that the pass was still open. We got on the freeway and headed toward home. You never realize how rough roads are until you are trying to drive smoothly for a passenger in pain.

Approaching the mountains we were met with signs informing us that the pass had closed. We probably missed our chance to get home by about 5 minutes. I called a friend and realized that it was a blessing we had been 5 minutes to late. Tehachapi was being hit with a major storm and the roads were a mess. Quality Inn became Ben's recovery room for the night, and our neighbors were wonderful to help with letting the dog out for bathroom relief while we were gone. We were able to get up the hill this morning, but we are awaiting more storms tonight and tomorrow. At home we found close to a foot of snow in our yard.

Ben is Superman! He is doing fantastically and is much tougher and resilient that I can imagine being after having a surgery to stuff my guts back inside my body. I'm glad to be home, and the snow is beautiful!

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