Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Peddling up hill

Since purchasing Sarah's new bike on Saturday and discovering a brand new bike path in town, we have been very focused on working with the kids to get more comfortable with riding their bikes. I think Ben will be ready for his training wheels to come off his bike by this weekend, they are currently bent so far up that he isn't even using them when he rides.

Sarah's little bike has training wheels still, but she has been learning many lessons about peddling hard, using her brakes and always holding on to the handle bars, even when she gets scared. Yesterday, I took them to the bike path and Sarah enjoyed her greatest accomplishment yet. She peddled with the greatest of determination and managed to go up a fairly steep incline all by herself, and then also came down the same hill without any assistance to slow her down. She was so excited. And I think it finally built her confidence enough that she will no longer have any fear.

Her accomplishment made me a little philosophical about hard work, and the rewards of it. The last couple of months have been tough, but I held on to the handle bars and peddled hard and now I feel a little stronger and more confident. The downhills are always worth the climb.

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