Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nobody looks at your shoes

When I was about 5 years old I needed to wear a dress to school. I can't remember the exact reason I needed to, but it was necessary. At the time the only shoes I had that fit were tennis shoes. They were really cute tennis shoes, but somehow I had learned that you are not supposed to wear tennis shoes with a dress. I clearly remember getting in to a battle of wills with my mom on the matter. I remember crying and telling her that I couldn't wear those shoes, it would be ugly. My mom's response, in an attempt to calm me down was, "no one looks at your shoes!" I don't remember the outcome of this battle, but I do remember that for years after I thought there was something wrong with me because I ALWAYS notice peoples shoes. I wondered if I was the only person who noticed shoes? And if no one notices shoes, why on earth do they make so many cute shoes?

This is now a story that I tease my mom about. But as a mom trying to "negotiate" with children I can 100% see myself saying the exact same thing to my children. You just can't control how those little minds will process the small things you say.

The last three days Sarah has worn dresses to school. I've planned for her to wear sandals with her dresses (I guess because I still believe that is what you are SUPPOSED to do), but each day she has instead chosen to wear her tennis shoes. I think she looks adorable wearing tennis shoes with her dresses. I'm sure everyone is noticing her shoes, or am I really the only one who notices shoes?


mdx3mom said...

You are the only one who notices. My girls insisted on wearing their tennis shoes. They were more comfortable.

By the way she is adorable in her dress.

Anonymous said...

What does your Therapist say......;o)???