Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Going to Hawaii

-When I picked Sarah up from preschool yesterday one of the teachers greeted me by saying, "I'm surprised to see you today, Sarah said you were in Hawaii."

Excuse me, this is news to me! So I questioned a little more. Sarah told her teachers that I was going to Hawaii for 10 days and she wouldn't get to see me for a while. She was really going to miss me, but it was ok because Big Ben would be picking her up from school for the next 10 days.

Does she know something I don't? Is someone secretly planning a Hawaii trip for me?

-This morning I dropped Sarah off at school and a different teacher said, "oh, I'm so glad to see you, I've been wanting to talk to you." Oh, no! What could be wrong now? Then Miss Ami proceeded to tell me that she was wearing a black and white shirt one day last week. The teachers were talking about someones recent trip to Sea World when my daughter piped up with, "Miss Ami, when you wear that shirt, you look like Shamu!" Miss Ami questioned if Sarah meant that she was big like a whale and Sarah told her "uh huh!" ( I might add that Miss Ami weighs probably 100 lbs and has a body that other women envy.)

-Sarah's earring has been infected for the last few days and has required persistent cleaning. When I was cleaning it she told me that last time Big Ben helped her clean it he used "that" and she pointed to the bottle of mouthwash on the counter.

and one story from Ben...
-Friday, I was frantically getting ready for our camping trip, Big Ben was still at work, Sarah was still at school and Ben was at home with me. He wanted to know what he could do to help. I told him that he could call Papa (my dad) and let him know that we were going camping and my cell phone probably wouldn't have service. While he was on the phone with Papa, he also told him about learning to ride his bike. He told him, "Papa, guess what! I rode my bike with nothing on!" Then I heard Ben laughing riotously. Apparently Papa's response was, "Your mom lets you ride your bike naked?"

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