Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The big fight

Big Ben had to mediate an argument between the kids this morning. The following is his description of it:

"Ben told me that Sarah said she would help him make his bed and she didn't want to. I asked more questions and it ended up being that Ben and Sarah made a deal. Sarah would make his bed if Ben gave her... (something, I forget...some toy). Well, I asked Sarah if Ben ever gave her the toy and she said no. So, I asked Ben about it and he said.... No, I'll go get it. The deal was made yesterday, but Ben never gave her the toy and decided that he was going to let her have it now. Didn't work out. I left to go make Ben's breakfast after telling him to just make the bed. Then I heard Sarah screaming, went back in and Sarah had hit Ben and Ben hit her back."

You might wonder why I'm sharing this story. There are a couple of reasons... first, Ben and Sarah don't fight very often at all, this is a rare occurrence. Second, I think it shows some very interesting things about their personalities. Sarah, doesn't take mistreatment or injustice from anyone. She is a fighter, and when things aren't right or she doesn't want to do something she stands her ground with the greatest stubbornness I have ever seen. Ben works things. He takes advantage of things to his benefit and does his best to make every situation work in his favor. He is passionate about fairness, but doesn't quite have a clear perspective about keeping up his end of bargains.

Just a little window in to our house this morning...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like they both have a great future in Politics!?