Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Story of Us- Part IV

I wasn't about to let his hand go...

Our first date ended up being a full day event. We joked that really, we spent so much time together that we shouldn't count it as a first date, but should instead count it as our first 8 dates. It was so comfortable to spend time with him. Time when we weren't talking was comfortable and finding things to say to each other was so easy. I never expected to be so swept away the first time meeting someone. As I finally said good bye to him after that first day together my mind was racing with trying to plan our next time together.

Sunday morning I jumped on my computer to find the following email from him:

Thank you so much for the wonderful day. You are everything that I expected and more. You are an incredible woman and I don't know why your ex was such a fool to leave you in the first place. You're beautiful, intelligent, funny, caring, gentle, respectful, a great mother (from what I know anyway), and so many other great qualities. Have a great day and know that I will be thinking of you here in Ridgecrest.


Yep, I was pretty much in love with this man! I couldn't find one thing to not love. In our early courtship, I repeatedly asked him to just tell me what the catch was. "What's wrong here, I just can't figure it out. How can someone really be this perfect for me." A plan to see each other was quickly reached. We would meet in California City on Tuesday evening after the kids went to their dad's. Oh, California City! By no means a romantic destination. We met at a McDonald's parking lot and tried to decide on where to eat dinner. Finally deciding on Subway. We took our sandwiches to the park in town, a park that must have once been pretty, but now the grass was patchy, the fountain wasn't working in the algae covered pond, the picnic tables were filthy and there was graffiti on the buildings. While eating my cell phone rang, it was my ex husband calling to give me a hard time about something (this was before we had more or less agreed to peaceful interactions). Ben sat quietly listening to my end of the conversation, I hung up the phone and asked "You sure you want into this mess." He reassured me that nothing about me was scary to him and we continued our "date." As the sun set we parked in the desert and talked for hours. We found romance in the most unromantic of towns.

Before the end of that week we had plans for me to go to his place the following Saturday. If it hadn't been for the hour drive I probably would have seen him everyday. I couldn't get enough of him.

That Friday Ben did several projects around his place to get everything ready for me to see his home, he worked so hard, but really all I cared about seeing was him.

Early Saturday morning I drove to see him...

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David & Eliza said...

Thanks for part IV, you keep leaving me hanging : )