Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Uncle Beck

Big Ben's oldest brother Beck loves Star Wars. He collects figurines and talks Star Wars "doctrine." In many ways Beck eats sleeps and breaths Star Wars. Last night, only Broc, Ben, Sarah and I were home when Beck called looking for Big Ben. I told him where he was and about when he would be home. Then the conversation ended. As I hung up the phone the kids curiously asked me who I had been talking to. I told them and they began a discussion about Uncle Beck.

Broc: I bet he asked if you like Star Wars

Me: No, not tonight. But he has asked me before.

Broc: Yeah, Uncle Beck really likes Star Wars. He watches the movies all the time and he collects the light sabers and really cool posters.

Sarah: Broc! Uncle Beck is NOT your father!

Me: (Rolling on floor laughing)

Broc: I don't get it?!?!

I don't really know how my four year old even came up with such humor. She cracked me up.

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