Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My second 29th birthday

I am 360 months old.

I am 1,565 weeks old.

I am 10,958 days old.

I am about 263,002 hours old.

I am about 15,780,163 minutes old

The year I was born (1978) these were the average prices for things:
Avg Income:
Min Wage:

What an incredible 30 years it has been!


Anonymous said...

I was there!!!
And in the ensuing 30 years you have been my Sun and Moon. I have watched you grow into a wise and wondrous woman. I have laughed and cried along the way. I have ached with pain and been elated with joy. I have delighted in raptures over the two precious grandchildren you have gifted me with. I have swelled with pride over your many accomplishments and been amazed by the grit you have demonstrated. Almost every day I think of the absolute honor that that your life is to your namesake, Grandma Ione. She and Grandpa are surely looking down on you and your little family with hearts full of love and pride. As for me, words aren't adequate to express all that you mean to me. You are my daughter, my inspiration, and my hero! I love you with all my heart.
Thank you for choosing me to be,
Your Mom

Meredith~Sebastian~Milo said...

I am so happy for the day your mom birthed you!:) I have no idea what my life would be without you in it! I can't imagine going through the hell we've been through without you. You always know how to make me laugh when I'm crying and make me see that nothing is that bad! You amaze me still with your stregnth and wisedom. You truely are my sister and I continually thank God for you!

David & Eliza said...

Tina, Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy 30- (I've decided to embrace the 3-0, it's not going away...) I hope your next 30 years bring you more smiles than frowns, more laughter than tears and all of the blessings that you more than deserve.