Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Year

I am notorious for short lived plans.

I have a way of starting things and then not sticking to them. I have started more diets than anyone I know, each one promising to rock my world and each one ending up rockin' it in the abyss of good intentions.

I start craft projects and never finish them. I have hoards of them... there are the Christmas ornaments that I began in 1995 and the braided rug that was started in 2005.

I start chore charts with the kids and I build fabulous routines that I am convinced will make me a more productive person, a better mom and a more fully contributing member of society.

I exercise until I start feeling better and then I quit.

I can't begin to tell you how many journals I have with only the first 4 or 5 pages filled or how many times I've made a resolution to put my shoes away each night.

I am a self-proclaimed Schemer, a Planner, an Idea Lover. I LOVE ideas. I relish the process of creating something that I think will change everything and I get excited to try it... never considering for a moment that it too will likely flop, as is my pattern.

But here today, I am proud to proclaim ONE of my ideas a terrific success! One year ago I began this little blog. I started it with the thought that it could be fun, I'd give this a try. And here I am one year later, actually still maintaining this little blog baby!

Good Job ME!!!


Anonymous said...

Great job. We love your blog and are so happy you have kept it up. It is a great way for us to stay involved with things going on with you and the kids even tho we don't live close. Thanks for keeping up with it. Love ya Cleo

Sam Hozman said...

Yay! I'm enjoying reading about you and your family. It helps to make up for some lost time.

Here's to another year of a good thing. And another. And another...

Anonymous said...

Wow! How time flies! That makes it 365 days that I have been peering into the little window of your family life? That I have checked obsessivley nearly every day, and often several times a day, for my "fix" of blog voyeurism? That I start and end my day with a trip to your blog? That it is a highlight of my day when it appears and a tremendous disappointment if you have not posted new pictures and/or thoughts for me to delight in?
Wow! Has it been a whole year???
I hadn't noticed............ ;o)
Love and Hugs,
PS Please keep up the GOOD work!!

Anonymous said...

i'm super proud of you, but i think i can name something closely related that died out:) M