Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Donny and Marie

...oh wait, its Ben and Sarah!

but similar to the Osmonds in oh so many ways. First, the obvious fact that they are a big brother and little sister duo. The slightly less obvious fact that they are siblings who are members of the LDS (Mormon) church. But, what really made me think about the similarities this morning is that:

she'sa little bit country!

and he'sa little bit rock and roll!

This is a major trend in our house. Ben has wanted to be a rock star for the last 5 years and insists on dressing the part almost daily. Sarah, takes being a cowgirl VERY seriously and dreams about horses and rodeos.

(Ok, I realize I have compared my children to famous people in the last two posts, I promise this won't become a trend)


Anonymous said...

Donny and Marie never looked sooooo Good!

Yorkie Lover said...

See she has Oklahoma blood in her. That means she would have a ball if she came here. When r u coming?

Aunt Maryann