Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oprah's sheets

A few years ago, I remember an Oprah show in which she discussed bed sheets. Oprah stated that she adores clean sheets. She likes the crisp, cool factor that only fresh sheets can provide. Oprah enjoys this so much that she requires her staff to dress her bed in new linens every two days. This, she believes, is the optimal rotation for fresh sheet enjoyment.

I have concluded that my children believe they are Oprah and as such, clean sheets are a necessity nearly every day. They must also believe that I am their staff member and it is my job to provide this service. This is the benefit that they receive from wetting their beds, and I continue to oblige their linen demands and have learned to change sheets with the speed and skill of a maid at the Holiday Inn.

Alright, alright... I know this isn't their fault or choice and all that jazz... Yadi, Yadi, Yadi! That doesn't change the frustration level caused by this repetitive chore of mine.

I've heard older women council young moms to enjoy ever second of raising their children. "Someday you will miss the mess of toys, loads of laundry and fingerprint smudges that children create," they say. While I solemnly agree that there are many, many aspects of having small children in my home that I will miss, I am quite sure that changing sheets daily is NOT one of these things!

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