Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drug money

Craig's List is one of the greatest things ever created! We have obtained some of our greatest deals from shopping on Craig's list. Recently, we have been in the market for a new patio set. We need one because we are going to have the coolest yard on the block this summer!

Today Big Ben let me know that he believed he had a set secured off Craig's list. It seemed to be exactly what we were looking for and $100 less than we planned to spend. The only problem was that it was a little tricky nailing the seller down on a time that we could pick it up. We determined that the best option was for me to leave immediately to get it... even though I generally avoid making these deals without Big Ben present.

Sarah and I jumped in the van and drove down to Lancaster, to a neighborhood I knew well, and pulled up to a house that appeared to be abandoned. Hesitantly, I got out of the van and rang the door bell. There were several fliers stuck in the screen door and the lawn had been replaced by a textured design of weeds, I was just sure that no one lived there. There was no answer. I waited and finally heard a door bang somewhere at the back of the house, so I rang the door bell again. Again, I heard the same bang, followed by a voice from the side of the house. I followed the voice.

The owner of the voice was wearing a black, long sleeve shirt. He had long, stringy, black hair and a black beard with a spot of gray right in the middle. There was so much black dye present that I was unable to discern his age. He led me around to the back of the house, past a swimming pool that was more algae than water and a backyard that was just as filled with weeds as the front yard. The patio table was fantastic. The guy was very nice and helped me load it into the van, as I tried not to get a contact high from the smell of weed that was permeating from him.

Before we left, I handed him my cash... thinking to myself, "here you go! You take my money and you go buy yourself some of the good stuff!"


Anonymous said...

Didn't your Mother teach you to be more cautious than that??????????
Your Mother
PS This may be my all-time LEAST favorite of your postings to date.

David & Eliza said...

Nice Tina... Craigslist is always a good story. Stay safe.