Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just a Man...

It all started on a drive with my dad this weekend. In the middle of the foothills, on a country road... we spotted a tarantula crossing the road. Why did the tarantula cross the road, you are probably asking... well, duh, to get to the other side, of course! We stopped, looked and then drove on. Later, we spotted about 4 other tarantulas crossing the road.

This little fella ended up being our unfortunate victim.
Luckily, I'm addicted to soda and pretty much always have soda cups in the car. It became Spidey's new temporary home. His destination... our house to meet the oohs and awes of the kids.

Ben and Sarah weren't with us at the time. In fact Spidey was captured on Sunday and the kids didn't return until it was time for school on Monday. When I dropped them off at school, I let them know that I had a surprise for them after school.
After school, I picked the two of them up and on the way home I heard them talking about a piece of paper that Ben brought home from school. He asked Sarah if she was scared of the picture. The picture was of a tarantula... I couldn't believe the coincidence. Ben went on to tell Sarah that tarantulas jump on you and bite you and that they are poisonous! Wow, that's news to me... I asked Ben how he knew all of this. He thought for a moment and then informed me, "... well, I'm just a man who loves spiders!" I laughed so hard, I was crying. Ben had no idea what he said that was so funny.
They were so surprised when they got home and found Spidey sitting on our kitchen table!
(Ben's Tarantula picture can be seen in this picture on the other side of the cage)
Spidey went to Sarah's school for a visit and will go to the "man's" tomorrow before being let back into the wild.

I'm so glad that we picked up this visitor. I had no idea that we had a spider"man" living with us!


April said...

That is so scary; I can't believe you can get so close to that ridiculously creepy thing. I almost fell ill just opening the page. And you tricked me by just sending the link. I thought I had avoided it by not looking at the pix you sent to my phone. I should have figured!!!! Ugh. Nightmares tonight, for sure

The Newell Clan said...

Gross! I hate spiders, don't mind tarantulas but seriously, did you have to take it home? What if it misses his mommy? Aren't they like on the endangered species list and you could pay fines for taking him...? (I would have just paid the fine and ran the darn thing over!) But kudos to being such a cool mom!