Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's get organized

This weekend, I bought a new purse. I love my new purse. However, it is big and doesn't have any pockets. I quickly realized that everything would just be a jumble in the purse and I would always have trouble finding what I was looking for.

With some Thrift Store fabric and an hour of time, this is the project I came up with to solve the problem:

My new purse organizer creates a place for everything, and I can keep everything in it's place.

After creating, I slid it into my purse and I'm all set!
My wallet and eye glass case fit nicely at the bottom of the purse and I clipped my MP3 player on the side. This will also make changing purses a breeze, I can move the whole thing from purse to purse.
If I make another one, I'll make it just a bit bigger. But all in all, I'm quite pleased with the niftyness!


Yorkie Lover said...

I still have a whole box of purses that Erin made that I will try to get ready and send to you this weekend. I completely forgot about them until I saw this post. Sorry. Will get them to you. All my love,
Aunt Maryann

David & Eliza said...

What a great organizer, I would definitely need a pocket for cracker crumbs, old crayons, emergency play dough and sticky lollipops : ) P.S. I would never bring a tarantula home as a pet, how can you sleep at night??? With my luck Adam would try to eat it. You’re so brave.