Thursday, November 20, 2008

Waiting to be laid off...

This is how my days have been spent recently...

Once upon a time, I had two shirts. I had a purple one and a blue one. I loved my two shirts, they were awesome knit material with a flattering little yoke and buttons down the front. These two shirts got me through many summer days.

Then one day, I made the fatal decision to wear the blue shirt camping. I hauled wood. My shirt collected sap. It was ruined and I cried. (not really, but play along with me here!) And then my blue shirt sat in my drawer, I couldn't bear to throw it out.

A few days ago, I robbed fabric from the back of my blue shirt for another project, forever sealing it's fate of never being worn again.

Until today! Today, I cut my blue shirt up! I cut it up and used the ruined pieces to measure new pieces of blue calico. The calico was attached to the cute yoke and I have a new beloved blue shirt. A blue shirt with some added character.

And my heart can again sing with blue shirt joy... just don't look too close, I'm not a perfectionist!

1 comment:

Yorkie Lover said...

I love you, you made me chuckle today.
Where did you get that sense of humor from?
You are so talented...I could ask where you got that from but that might start something...nah!
One of the purses that I sent should match that glorious new outfit of yours.
You're a fashion icon now, might start a trend.
Aunt Maryann