Thursday, October 30, 2008

My great enemy

I realize that I am not alone in this pain, but I am feeling very frustrated by lack of time to do everything I want to do. Oh Mercy, do I ever have big plans and ideas! My head is just swimming with things I want to make, sew, create, scrapbook, teach my kids and cook. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Work, school, kids activities and a social life... not to mention keeping up with my best friends on television.

Even though I'm thinking about Christmas gifts, cards, parties and activities for my kids early this year I will still have to prioritize some of these ideas I have. It might be time to give up the hobby of sleep.

Thankfully, canning season is just about over. One more box of apples to put up. Cooler evenings have meant the start of knitting. And visions of new Christmas stockings and new curtains are dancing in my head.

And this kid's craft will get done somewhere along the way since Martha felt the need to introduce it to me.

Ok, I better stop before hyperventilation begins... I'll keep you posted!

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David & Eliza said...

Take a deep breath... And you're definetly not alone. I have Christmas ornaments 1/2 done in the closet, maybe this year? And what's worse, I actually made a cute Halloween craft for the kids and then forgot to give it to them, nice.