Friday, November 7, 2008

Goldie Fox

Are you familiar with Goldie Fox?
Or maybe it is the Free Bears
that you more closely identify with?
I learned so much about these characters from

That crazy Goldie Fox "her did"
do a lot of terrible things to the Free Bears.

The Free Bears only went for a short walk in the forest and while they were gone she ate "them" breakfast, and...
"her did broke them chairs."

Good thing in the end
"them did chase her from their house."
After all "them couldn't be friends because her was very bad!"


Anonymous said...

Bubbe LOVED the "Goldie Fox and Free Bears" story! I've never heard it told so well, and I've never had such a great big smile on my face as I read or heard it before. Thanks to Sarah for the wonderful update on a classic story. And thanks to her Mama for recording it with such tenderness...

Yorkie Lover said...

Too cute. How do you keep a straight face when she tells you these stories.
Erin is as creative as she is today because she saw stories this way and I encouraged her like you do Sarah.

ryanandamanda said...

She is so beautiful, she must have got her good looks from her mom. We miss you.