Wednesday, November 12, 2008


On our way home from Fossil Falls, we stopped in Randsburg. A "Living Ghost Town." It is a ghost town that people still live in. The only store open on main street had two old guys sitting out front. One of them had no teeth and was drinking what he called lemonade, really a can of beer. He told the kids that there was a ghost in the back of his store and got them to go look. Then he gave them each a horse shoe and explained to them that they need to keep the opening pointed up to hold the luck in. He was so difficult to understand that we continually needed to translate for the kids. He was EXACTLY the kind of old guy that I would expect to find in a "Living Ghost Town."


Yorkie Lover said...
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Yorkie Lover said...

That will be the cutest memory for them. They can tell their kids about the ghost.
You're a good mom to do so much with them.

David & Eliza said...

Ok, what's vulcanization?