Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Giving Thanks

Today Big Ben and I were able to attend Sarah's Thanksgiving party at school. She was dressed up as an "Indian Girl."

I found myself getting a bit choked up at one point, when I realized that after four years of attending with my children, this would be my last preschool Thanksgiving party! I'll probably be crying like a baby next month at my last Preschool Christmas program... but for now I'll take pause to be THANKFUL for my children, THANKFUL for how proud they make me, THANKFUL for the smiles they put on my face and THANKFUL for all of the firsts and lasts I am able to experience with them!

Sarah's list of things she told her teachers she is thankful for:
1. My cat and my dog
2. My mom and my dad
3. My brothers and my sister

1 comment:

Yorkie Lover said...

You made me cry just reading about it. Makes me love Big Ben even more. To realize our babies grew up so fast and now their babies are growing too fast right before our eyes.
(Amazing, because as you know, your aunt doesn't age anymore.)
Enjoy, and lots of pictures.
Aunt Maryann