Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where are you Christmas?

Last night as I was driving home from an errand, I found myself feeling sad. I have been saddened by a lack of "Christmas Cheer" in the world this year. Stores in our small town aren't decorated for Christmas, very few people put up Christmas lights this year and I can't even tell you how many people I've heard talk about the things they just don't do anymore. Friends have confessed to not making Christmas cookies to deliver to neighbors and friends, they don't send Christmas cards and some people I've heard talking about not decorating at all.

This is sad! Christmas is a time of tradition, festivity and cheer. I'm not sure if this is a result of the economy, busy schedules or selfishness. Oh, don't get me wrong... there is plenty of commercialized Christmas still out there, but has happened to the heart of Christmas?

As I was having these thoughts I looked up to see a very large falling star right in front of me. This star woke something up in me, it gave me hope. It occurred to me that I am responsible for Christmas! I am responsible for keeping it alive in my heart and in the hearts of my children. I refuse to get too busy for the simple things of the season. I want my children to remember Christmas cards and Christmas lights and delivering treats to their teachers and the neighbors. I want them to know that it isn't about the gifts they receive, but instead it is about the "gifts of love" that we give to those around us. I love the opportunity this time of year to remember our Savior, to remember the great gift and joy that has been given to us. This year I'm making a conscious choice to celebrate his birthday by showing my love and appreciation for my family and friends.

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Yorkie Lover said...

We love you and we're so proud of you and glad that you're family!