Monday, December 8, 2008

Outsmarted, again!

I don't like video games. I've never liked them and now as a parent, I believe in only allowing the kids to play video games in limited amounts. They play them at their dad's house and they play them here when Broc is here. Other than that, they are a special privilege that must be earned. Sometimes, the opportunity to play them in specified intervals can be purchased in our "reward store" using the kid money that they earn for chores and behavior.

At Thanksgiving, Ben wanted to spend one day of his vacation going to the daycare program at the school. Because I had to work, and it is quite inexpensive, I agreed that he could go there for a day. In the afternoon when I picked him up and asked how his day went, he told me that it was great. He told me that he had played video games there all day. Then he went on to explain to me that the only reason he had desired to go to daycare was because he wanted to play video games without having to "pay" for them (speaking about the kid money).

Are you kidding me? He totally outsmarted me. I ended up paying for daycare for the day so that he could play video games for "free." I had no choice but to laugh in defeat.